If you are looking for a window cleaner in Aylesbury or the surrounding areas, then look no further. Mcsweeney Window and Gutter cleaning provides a regular and reliable service in the Buckinghamshire area.

We offer a professional pressure washing & driveway cleaning service in Aylesbury & surrounding areas. For a free quote please call me on 07860586255.

We use high-powered professional equipment to pressure wash the exterior of your property to sparkling conditions!

People are often pleasantly surprised by what we can do when cleaning a driveway or Monoblock!

We’re available 7 days a week including weekends and are fully insured.

We always put your requirements to the top of our list when quoting for the job!

There are several advantages in using our high-pressure cleaning equipment based service

  • Firstly we save you money as we can do the same job in far less time with our industrial pressure washing equipment.
  • Secondly, we can usually clean to a higher standard using our industrial equipment than what you would ordinarily achieve using DIY equipment.
  • Finally, We Save You Something As Valuable And If Not More Valuable Than Money-Time!

Give me a call today and save time, effort, and money on pressure cleaning your home 07860586255.

With years of experience and powerful pressure cleaning equipment we can get your driveway as clean as possible.

Other companies may leave more problems than they solve when it comes to pressure cleaning however we want to assure you our pressure cleaning services are different.

At Mcsweeney pressure cleaning we only use powerful industrial pressure cleaning equipment with several times the power of a domestic pressure washer. This combined with our experience means we are able to clean your driveway, path, patio or decking to much higher standards than what you usually could achieve yourself.

We have a multi step cleaning process proven to ensure you get the best results possible.

Firstly we survey the area and take into account all the different aspects of the job when starting the works. We then clear the area that needs pressure cleaned ensuring we have a plan for where the dirty water can drain away too.

Then we set up our pressure washing equipment and sort out connecting to a suitable water supply to feed the pressure cleaner and arrange the trailing hoses safely to where they need to go.

We commence pressure cleaning the area. We increase the pressure as required in order to ensure the best possible clean without damaging your surfaces.

Occasionally we will stop at suitable intervals to allow for drainage and tidying up between washes. This allows us to manage the build-up of muck further reducing this risk of blockages and unnecessary mess.

Finally, once surfaces have been pressure washed, removing hard stained on soiling, we then rinse down any affected fencing, windows, frames, sills, doors, and garden features.

Last but not least we pack up our equipment and hoses and clean down any affected areas ensuring we leave your property better than it was before.

So give us a call on 07860586255 and I can help you get your home back to sparkling clean!

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