Solar panels are a good investment as they are made to last 30 years or more but over time, pollution and other debris such as bird droppings or dust can get baked on the glass causing a lower output from the panels which would mean your panels would not be working as efficiently as if they were clean.

If your solar panels lay flat or at a slight angle, maintenance is recommended.

You may think, why not just use a garden hose to rinse off the dust? Whilst this can work to some extent, the problem is the TDS (please see introduction page for further information) in the water.

The water from your hose is not pure, so will cause streaking or marks on your panels which over time will build up a micro film and cause the panels to under produce the same as if they were dirty.

The process for cleaning solar panels is the same as cleaning windows. By using pure water and the water fed pole system, your solar panels can be cleaned effectively, efficiently and safely from the ground.

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