If you are looking for a window cleaner in Aylesbury or the surrounding areas, then look no further. Mcsweeney Window and Gutter cleaning provides a regular and reliable service in the Buckinghamshire area.

I am trained and fully insured and pride myself on the following:

  • Residential property and commercial premises window and gutter cleaning
  • Regular visits to suit you
  • Easy payments
  • Windows, frames, sills and doors included as standard
  • Text notification of appointment the day before
  • Reach and wash water fed pole system
  • Hot pure water

How It Works

The water fed pole system gives me the edge over the traditional method as it enables me to clean windows faster and more effectively. This method is also safer as most windows can be reached safely from the ground.

The tank in my window cleaning van is filled with regular tap water, the water then goes through a special RO and DI filtration system to make it pure. For example, the TDS in the water from my tap at home is 250+ ppm (parts per million) but once it has been through the filtration system in my van it will be purified to 0ppm.

TDS (total dissolved solids) is the reading that window cleaners take from the water when using a pure water system. This reading tells us the number of particles of solid matter such as very small particles of metal, calcium and other minerals and salts etc. that are held in that suspension or dissolved in the water. The TDS is measured using an electronic device which analyses the water and tells us how many parts per million are dissolved solids.

Understanding the TDS is important to a window cleaner as this is what causes spots or dirty marks to be left on a window once the water has dried. By using a filtration system to remove these particles I can ensure that the water I am using is 100% pure and windows will be left clean, without any spots or marks.

The RO unit is the reverse osmosis method of filtration that removes large molecules of ions, the water then goes through the DI unit which converts the tap water in to de-ionised water. This method uses a resin to remove minerals from the water. At the end of this process the water will come out pure.

I have also opted to invest in a hot pure water system as hot water cleans glass and frames more effectively than cold water as it softens and absorbs the dirt much faster.

You may find that during the winter months your windows will get dirtier than during the summer as the bad weather lifts more dirt which can build up on your windows and frames.

The whole system is entirely self-contained in the window cleaning van and the purified water is piped in to a water fed pole.

I have the advantage of hot purified water all day long, which is especially helpful during the winter to avoid frozen pipes. The temperature can be controlled as needed so the water is not too hot for the glass but also does not cool down as the day progresses.

Cleaning with cold water in cold weather especially, does not produce as good results as using hot water. My hot water system helps me to work more effectively and efficiently all year round.

Rain Guarantee

One of the reasons I opted for the water fed pole system was to enable me to be able to clean windows in heavy rain and still achieve great results.

A lot of people have asked me “isn’t it pointless and a waste of money to clean windows in the rain?” but the answer is no. The water fed pole system cleans with pure water and will dry without marks or streaks.

Although the difference between windows cleaned with the traditional method vs a water fed pole system is hard to spot once the initial cleaning is completed, it can be apparent after it has rained. The traditional method can leave a soapy or greasy film behind and when it rains, water will react with this micro layer and cause dirty spots.

Whilst rain water is almost the same purity as purified water, it is the likes of dust, pollen, bird droppings etc. that will make your windows dirty.

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